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Bird on the Birch (BoB) is an Artist Development Programme for singers of all levels and of all contemporary genres. Founded by Elena Dana in 2007, BoB provides bespoke one-to-one vocal coaching, managerial support for artists, and produces singing-songwriting workshops, events and vocal training classes as a part of Elena’s Pop up School of Vocals.


Pop up Singing School was born as a result of Elena’s Music Educator’s training at the British Academy of New Music in London. First series of classes were held across the borough of Hackney in London in Summer 2014, which was a great success. The second wave was held at the Premises Studios in the winter-spring of 2017.

‘It has been an absolute pleasure to teach a series of Masterclasses dedicated to Jazz, Blues, Ballads, Romani & Balkan genres, with acclaimed songwriters, musicians and performers such as Norma Jean Martine, Adam Bridges, Allegra Shock, Meg Cavanaugh and Dunja Botic at the legendary Premises Studios in London in 2017!
~ Elena Dana ~
The third wave of classes are run in Scotland, and there are a number of classes added throughout summer 2018, in Edinburgh!

About Bird on the Birch roots

BoB is an extension of Music Live Events project, which was launched in 2007. For the first seven years, Music Live was run on portfolio basis, based in East End London UK. Music Live Events successfully promoted original music, jazz and visual arts with the aim to provide an exciting and unique platform for new and emerging artists. Music Live Events has been rebranded as Bird on the Birch (BoB) in 2014.

‘Bird’ stands for singers and ‘Birch’ is a symbol of Russian culture, the roots of which the founder of the project inherits:“I would like to share my culture with others to embrace the cultural diversity and to expand the creative experience into something new and unique, I hope you can join me on this journey!”  ~ Elena Dana ~

On this blog we publish events organised and hosted solemnly by us.

If you would like to join our mailing list regarding events organised by the Bird on the Birch please message Elena on info@elenadana.com

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