Ballads Vocal Training Masterclass

Sun 29 Jan 2017 2.30pm Premises Studios

Ballads 29.1.176

Inspired by the ballads of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits we are excited to bring you a new Masterclass dedicated to Ballads.

Run from the Award-winning Premises Studios in Hackney with celebrated visiting tutor Allegra Shock,  regular vocal coach Elena Dana and guests, the class is going to explore most popular Vocal techniques and work with your favourite ballads for 4 academic hours in a row.

From the last two sessions we had, we received wonderful feedback, and comments from our singers, that 3 hours we originally had, were not enough! Due to this demand, we now have extended our class to 4 hours, which we are sure going to run really quickly too! After the class, we will proceed to the local pub too for more networking opportunities, further discussion about artist development and simply for fun!  🙂

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 27th January 2017 at 2pm at the Premises Cafe for registration and the class will be run from the Studio 3 from 2.30pm.

Class programme 

2pm – Registration in a Premises Cafe
2.30pm – Studio 3 1st floor: Vocal Training with emphasis on vocal pitch & control
3.30pm – Vocal Stylistics, Belting & Compression techniques
4.30pm – Even sound & Articulation techniques
5.30pm – All of above techniques in practice
6.30pm – Networking hang out in a local pub!

Register your place here. Only 10 places per class.

Have a lovely Holiday everyone and we’ll see you in 2017!

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