Next Singing Session – Evenness of Sound

birdonthebirch_illustratorAfter a lovely first opening session last week, on the conditioning of your voice, resonation and compression, this coming Sunday – we’ll cover the evenness of the sound we produce in a song.

The exercises for this technique will cover smudginess of notes within an octave, with a special attention to the tone and colour of our voice, even changes from note to note and openness of sound. We’ll look into the travelling of sound when we sing oppose to the sound some instruments produce.

The song we’ll learn this time to tackle the evenness, is a jazz standard The Shadow of Your Smile by Paul Francis Webster (lyrics) and Johnny Mandel (music), the version by Astrud Gilberto.

Thought for a day: Why do we sing?

I look forward to seeing you at the Gallery Cafe Chapel this Sunday 11 May at 10am x

Book your place before you visit HERE 



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