Bird on the Birch

IMG_4810Bird on the Birch ™ is an extension of Elena Dana’s Music Live project, which is collaboration among songwriters who would like to make and create creative events together! A long term aim of the project is to create networking opportunities for songwriters, invite speakers from the industry to our events, who could introduce talks on employment for songwriters, and further down the line to provide admin support exclusively for those who are writing their songs and would like to progress with them professionally. At the moment the Bird on the Birch ™ provides the Artists’ Development programme which includes Singing / Songwriting Workshops, one to one Vocal Coaching sessions and stage presence techniques for those who are just starting out. Bird stands for singers and Birch is a symbol of Russian culture, as the creator has Russian roots. “I would like to share my culture with others and embrace the cultural diversity with people from different countries to expand the experience into something new and unique, and really hope you can join me on this journey!” Elena Dana


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