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It’s been an absolute pleasure to teach a series of Masterclasses dedicated to Jazz, Blues, Ballads, Romani & Balkan genres, with acclaimed songwriters, musicians and performers such as Norma Jean Martine, Adam Bridges, Allegra Shock, Meg Cavanaugh and Dunja Botic at the legendary Premises Studios, London, UK, during winter & spring 2016 & 2017. 

The 3rd wave of school is now on during Summer 2018, in Scotland, Edinburgh!

And just as promised, this time we are launching series of Singing Classes  on a weekly basis in MAY! We’ll also dropping in a FREE taster for you to see what it’s like, and if you would like to learn more, there are drop-in sessions in May, and more classes and courses are coming up in June, July & August with gigs every Tuesday in Brig Below for students to showcase their work!

Each May drop-in class will introduce a new jazz standard song as an exercise, relevant vocal techniques and a jazz improv exercises. This series of classes are not run as a course, yet more classes you visit, more songs you will learn!

To mark the first time of these classes run in Edinburgh, we are also introducing a special promotional price! There are only 10 places per class however, and to secure your slot you can book in advance here. Alternatively email me at any time to book your slot or if you have any questions.

Like our new Facebook Page where we are regularly publish information about new classes and showcases in Edinburgh.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Much luv

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Move to Edinburgh!

Hello everyone, I have exciting news! After spending over two decades in London, I finally moved out and the road brought me all the way up north, to the creative capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. It’s lovely and cosy here and I may stay here for a year, because why not.

And if you are around, I am organising my first event here with couple of local artists, at the Mo Beans cosy coffee shop, to celebrate Easter on bank holiday Monday, and it would be great to see you!

Follow this link to RSVP 

Where: Mo Beans, 57 Easter Road, Edinburgh EH7 5PL

Date: Mon 2 April 2018

Time: 3-6pm

Look forward to seeing you!

much luv

Elena x

Romani Gypsy & Balkan Folk Vocal Training Masterclass

Sunday 26 MARCH 2017 2.30-6.30pm Premises Studios


We had a wonderful time at the Ballads Vocal Masterclass last month, with lots of positive energy and great feedback! See the VIDEO from this class here.

In the light of this, we are bringing our next Masterclass to the Premises Studios, dedicated to the Gypsy & Balkan vocal techniques, inspired purely by traditional Romani gypsy singing and Balkan folk.

We are excited to announce that on this occasion we will be joined by a wonderful singer from Don Kipper Band Dunja who will teach us a couple of songs from her beautiful repertoire and spill the bins about the magic of vocals.

Please join us for this event and register your place in advance here. 

Much love


Ballads Vocal Training Masterclass

Sun 29 Jan 2017 2.30pm Premises Studios

Ballads 29.1.176

Inspired by the ballads of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits we are excited to bring you a new Masterclass dedicated to Ballads.

Run from the Award-winning Premises Studios in Hackney with celebrated visiting tutor Allegra Shock,  regular vocal coach Elena Dana and guests, the class is going to explore most popular Vocal techniques and work with your favourite ballads for 4 academic hours in a row.

From the last two sessions we had, we received wonderful feedback, and comments from our singers, that 3 hours we originally had, were not enough! Due to this demand, we now have extended our class to 4 hours, which we are sure going to run really quickly too! After the class, we will proceed to the local pub too for more networking opportunities, further discussion about artist development and simply for fun!  🙂

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 27th January 2017 at 2pm at the Premises Cafe for registration and the class will be run from the Studio 3 from 2.30pm.

Class programme 

2pm – Registration in a Premises Cafe
2.30pm – Studio 3 1st floor: Vocal Training with emphasis on vocal pitch & control
3.30pm – Vocal Stylistics, Belting & Compression techniques
4.30pm – Even sound & Articulation techniques
5.30pm – All of above techniques in practice
6.30pm – Networking hang out in a local pub!

Register your place here. Only 10 places per class.

Have a lovely Holiday everyone and we’ll see you in 2017!

Blues Vocal Training Masterclass

Sun 27th Nov 2016 at the Premises Studios

Thank you so much to all lovely singing birds! What a great session we had! Lovely crowd,  beautiful souls and brilliant visiting teachers! This is what we’ve been told about the class so far..

“Thank you for a great workshop. Really well presented and lots of fun! Am inspired to write the blues now”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful session! Well structured, informative and inspirational!”

“I enjoyed the workshop a lot, good teaching and good vibes in general.”

“Thank for the session, it was soooooo good to sing again without fears of neighbours.  And singing blues especially!”

Next class is Ballads Vocal Training Session on Sun 29 Jan 2017 at the Premises Studios and we look forward to seeing you all very soon!!

Much love, Elena & Adam

Register your place here

Jazz Vocals Masterclass Review

by Carly Florentine


31 Oct 2016

Yesterday I decided to visit the jazz vocals masterclass led by vocal coach Elena Dana and pianist Adam Bridges, hosted at the celebrated Premises Studios in Hackney, with a visiting tutor, a highly acclaimed singer-songwriter Norma Jean Martine.

I was curious because I wanted to explore new singing styles, am interested in jazz, and the line up of artists seemed intriguing. Not surprisingly, I  found the class a really enjoyable and educational experience. We learnt the importance of warm-up exercises, and I noticed immediate results on the strength of my range and quality of the sound!

The atmosphere was warm and I felt really encouraged to experiment and give it my best. The work we did on how to lose yourself in a performance was brilliant for me as someone who deals with subtle levels of stage discomfort.

I also loved the songs we practised, two of my old-time favourites, “I’m Putting all My Eggs in One Basket” and “I’m Feeling Good”. The intimate class size was perfect for individual feedback, and everyone got to know each other.

It was incredible to be able to sing with professional accompaniment and I thought the tips about stage presence and the music industry from professional musicians were fascinating too!

Elena’s experience in vocal tuition was evident in her patience and charisma as a teacher and her exceptional singing ability was a truly motivating testament to the value of training.

If you have any interest in singing or just fancy trying something new and having fun then I would thoroughly recommend you go to this!

Next Masterclass dedicated to  Blues is on Sun 27th November 3pm at the Premises Studios 

Testimonials from students

“This workshop made me understand how blocked I was before, it really balanced not only my voice – but also my soul.”

“A good friendly Masterclass with an excellent visiting singer/songwriter with a fab voice. Very comprehensive teaching with good follow up too!”

“I’ve never been in the recording studio before and the novelty of it and the prestige of the Premises studios was really in the air! It was a treat to practice there, and to see the demonstration of vocals that nearly took the roof off!”